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The University of Madras

University of Madras is the mother of almost all the old Universities of Southern India. In 1854, the Government of India formulated a systematic educational policy for India and as sequel on 5th September 1857 by an act of Legislative Council of India the University of Madras was established. The University was organized in the model of London University. The University offers teaching and research programmes in campuses of the University. The 68 University Departments of study and research are spread over in 4 campuses organized into 18 schools, each offer Post graduate courses in respective specialization, part-time and full-time PhD programmes , Diploma and Certificate programmes. Accessing the need for educating a large number of people in the country, the University offers both U.G and P.G education through the Institute of Distance Education.

The Institute of Distance Education (IDE)

The University of Madras has developed an excellent Institute of Distance Education in the year 1981 to learners to achieve their educational, career and personal goals. It has completed more than 25 years of service in the field of Distance Education. Now the IDE is offering 22 Undergraduate courses, 14 Postgraduate courses, 9 Postgraduate science courses, 5 professional courses, 16 Diploma courses and Certificate courses. The Institute is providing quality study materials in Self Learning Format to the students. Further efforts are taken to promote borderless education at global level through Tele-Education mode. The IDE has 50 study centres located in other states of our country and has 11 overseas study centres. Presently, the Institute has about 1,60,000 students on roll.

The Department of Psychology – IDE

The Department of Psychology, IDE was established in the year 1998 and offering Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses in the field. This department has organized many seminars, conferences and symposium to deliver the emerging knowledge in Current Psychology field.